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Short-form, actionable lessons from Big Think's network of those at the top of their field or disrupting it. With over 500 video lessons today and 30 new lessons added monthly, you can stay ahead of business changes to offer meaning and stimulate agility for your workforce. 
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Scalable & Cost-effective

We have the flexibility to deploy as swiftly as you need. Our various levels of investment offer opportunities for every level of program customization. We never limit the number of users.


Big Think makes people and companies smarter, faster through the world’s best experts on video. We work with them to develop exceptional programs at Microsoft both internally and externally.

Stefan Weitz Senior Director, Search, Bing.com

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Established track record of driving ROI across organizations, large and small. 

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Adaptive & Customizable

Tailored for your learning culture with new lessons delivered to users' evolving needs.


Big Think is an outstanding platform for thought leadership, diverse perspectives, and practical advice. In the 21st-century information environment, people are hungry for a platform like Big Think to help them focus on practical lessons in an engaging format.

Bill McDermott CEO, SAP

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