Thermo Fisher Scientific


Thermo Fisher Scientific was looking to drive a digital, self-directed learning culture that could scale across the organization. Historically, learning efforts have focused primarily on instructor-led training.

Why Big Think?

Thermo Fisher ultimately chose to partner with Big Think Edge due to the quality and breadth of videos as well as robustness of the online platform. To pilot the new learning model, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Big Think Edge developed a blended virtual instructor-led curriculum, using 25 videos, entitled "Leading High Performing Teams".


Participants loved the video lessons and platform. Due to the success of the program, Thermo Fisher Scientific is now adding more virtual instructor-led workshops to their internal offering, pairing Big Think Edge's video lessons and platform with internal virtual instructors.


"Absolutely think these tools will help to foster a better experience within myself and for my team. Knowing that several others from my organization are involved reassures me that collectively we can help drive the improvements learned here throughout the organization."

"The lessons learned will change my focus on how I go about motivating my team; making them feel connected to our purpose, showing they are valued member of the team, and providing feedback on their activities as far as hindering or helping the team meet our goals."

"I am on overdrive and excited to implement so many new ideas...Starting with Module 1, we have implemented team meetings to create a team environment that did not previous exist amongst a group of individual contributors."