Digital Learning Clients

We've worked with 50+ global Fortune 500 companies, as well as non-profit organizations, government entities, and academic institutions. 



"We partnered with Big Think Edge after a great deal of research because we feel that they provide a quality online experience with instructional design support, making this a great value for us."


Learning at VMware is no longer confined to classrooms. It happens anywhere, anytime and all the time. Together with other offerings, the Big Think platform has helped us create a way to look at and offer learning differently. This is helping us remain agile and responsive to the needs of our business and the dynamic marketplace."


We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to promote learning in our office. Big Think packages great ideas in a format that is entertaining and easy for busy people to consume. It's worked great to get everyone in our office learning."

Here's what our learners are saying:

abstract-user-flat-3.svgFrankly, this was some of the best, possibly the best, digital learning I've experienced during 15 years at my company. I do hope that this course and the themes in it aren't being siloed to the pilot participants - we need to inject this kind of thinking into all 250K employees, and the message should be carried by the CEO down."
abstract-user-flat-3.svg“I have taken my share of online courses over the years and most have little to no value. This course made me realize that there can be a great deal of value in online courses if done properly.”
abstract-user-flat-3.svg“The lessons were WONDERFUL. They truly made me think about my actions, my reactions, and how I lead a team. I have incorporated some of the learnings into my meetings already and hope to continue to do so moving forward in my career.”
abstract-user-flat-3.svg"Absolutely think these tools will help to foster a better experience within myself and for my team. Knowing that several others from my organization are involved reassures me that collectively we can help drive the improvements learned here throughout the organization."