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How does Big Think Edge Compare?

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all learning. We believe that the best, most meaningful learning is not achieved by forcing people to go through content that is of little interest to them. Rather, the best learning comes from dialogue created when people are inspired by practical examples of passion, curiosity and a sense of possibility.

Learning at scale requires:

Engaging content, relevant to today's challenges:


Big Think Edge  

Learners watch Edge videos to completion. Why? Because they love the experts, the focus on action over theory, and the applicability to today's workplace challenges.

E-learning & MOOCs
MOOCs lose >1/2 their viewers shortly after starting a video. Making standard e-learning “bite-sized’ only improves optics, not actual outcomes.

Meaningful conversation across all teams:

Net Promoter Score:



Self-directed learning
Learners are empowered to direct their own development and, unlike instructor-led training (ILT), share without limits, creating a self-service learning culture.