Course Overview

Increasing focus on human productivity demands speed, agility and innovation – an iterative approach become increasingly important for the dual-velocity enterprise to succeed as businesses relearn and adopt new ways of getting work done and solving problems.

At the heart of all this change is a profound adaptation to the way technology interacts, engages, enhances and empowers the people it is designed for - Design Thinking (DT), a human-centered approach, is needed for creating better experiences and business outcomes.

Big Think Edge’s Design Thinking course will introduce your organization’s talent to the core principles of Design Thinking in theory and in practice, and will encourage participants to apply DT principles in their own work.

Meet the Experts

Neil Blumenthal  Lisa Bodell  Tim Brown  David Butler  Jim Collins  Jeff DeGraff ● Peter Diamandis   Stephen Dubner  Hal Gregersen  Jack Groetzinger  Bob Kulhan Marc Kushner  A.G. Lafley ● Roger Martin  Angie McArthur  Stanley McChrystal  Michael Schrage  John Seely Brown  Inder Singh  Baratunde Thurston  Todd Yellin  Your Expert (contact for details)