Course Overview

Big Think’s Diversity curriculum teaches leaders and managers how to include and support all individuals — for their uniqueness as well as their technical skills and abilities — in meaningful, sustainable ways.

The course is comprised of 4 progressive modules that contain video lessons, develop your team missions, reflection assessments, and group discussions. 

  1. Talk the Talk: Understanding Diversity & Inclusion
  2. Walk the Talk: From Tolerance to Acceptance
  3. Teach and Learn Together
  4. Employee Resource Group Breakouts

Meet the Experts

Ash Beckham  Jennifer Brown   Dennis Charney Julia Galef Eric Greitens Kathy Hopinkah Hannan Tim Harford  Fred Hassan Sylvia Ann Hewlett Jon Iwata Laila Janah Wendy Luhabe James Manyika Jody Greenstone Miller Ruth Porat Valerie Purdie-Vaughns Christine Quinn Geena Rocero Hector Ruiz Dan Savage David Stern Halla Tomasdotti Bessel Vanderkolk Jim Whitehurst Kenji Yoshino Maysoon Zayid  Your Expert (contact for details)