Course Overview

This course is designed to guide your team through the process of setting goals and monitoring progress each week.

Throughout the 5-week course:

  • Explore and practice new tools and systems for improving your productivity.
  • Identify one key area for improvement and set one productivity goal in that area.
  • Monitor your progress toward meeting your goal over the five weeks of the course.
  • Apply productivity principles to short-term projects and long-term career planning.

The course is comprised of 5 progressive modules that contain video lessons, develop your team missions, reflection assessments, and group discussions. 

Meet the Experts

John Amaechi  Dan Ariely  Shane Battier  Mary Chapin Carpenter  Deepak Chopra  David Eagleman  Howard Gardner  Rasmus Hougaard  Maria Konnikova  Steven Kotler  Jane McGonigal Kelly McGonigal  Gretchen Rubin  Carson Tate  Your Expert (contact for details)