Business Communications

Effective communication is an essential tool for business professionals. Whether giving a presentation or writing a proposal, lack of preparation, poorly organized thoughts or low confidence levels can prevent your talent from engaging and persuading their target audience.

Big Think Edge endeavors to support development of professionals who have the skills and confidence to communicate for impact at any level. The Business Communications course is designed for study in three progressive modules. Learners begin by getting to know their audience. Next, they explore techniques for creating effective presentations. Finally, they learn to communicate their ideas with clarity and confidence.

Creativity Methods for Team Leaders

As organizations grow, demands for productivity and efficiency tend to stifle innovation. The Creativity Methods for Team Leaders course is designed to help you challenge the status quo and execute on the ideas generated by your team.

Decision-Making / Problem Solving

Decision making is difficult in an uncertain world. The Big Think Edge Decision-making course provides the tools and practice you need to improve your decision making skills over time and to support your team in group decision making across a wide range of circumstances.

Change Management

Current management models, which are centered on control and efficiency, are extremely ill-suited for an era in which adaptability and creativity drive organizational success. Big Think’s Change Management curriculum teaches leaders how to initiate and sustain the management revolution within your company.

Executive Presence

Effective leaders exude the self-awareness, credibility and integrity that give them the edge to persuade others and grow their business.

Big Think Edge endeavors to support development of leaders who exemplify the professional and interpersonal skills required to make a positive impression, build strong relationships and inspire their teams.

The Executive Presence course is designed for study in three progressive modules. Learners begin by grounding themselves in self-awareness. Next, they explore communication techniques for influencing others. Finally, they learn to build and manage their sphere of influence.

Mindfulness at Work

In recent decades, “mindfulness,” which includes meditation practice, has been popularized in the West as a means of reducing stress and strengthening general coping skills. In fact, mindfulness and meditation actually evolved as a way to achieve much deeper benefits.

By observing one’s uncontrolled states of mind and committing to a practice of self-reflection as well as compassion for self and others, we gain the benefit of insight, or wisdom. Wisdom allows us to act more skilfully in everything we do, from our personal relationships to our working relationships.

In this course, you will learn a framework and tools for applying mindfulness techniques to your life and work.

Innovation Culture for Managers

Innovation can come in many forms and from all levels of an organization. Everything from products and services to organizational infrastructure and processes can be designed for greater efficiency, utility or impact. The Innovation Culture for Managers course is designed to help you empower your direct reports as innovation change agents. Through group learning, experiments in creative destruction and innovation incentives, you can turn everyone on your team into thought leaders and designers within their own spheres.

Innovation Strategy for Leaders

To be competitive in the global marketplace, organizations must drive innovation in their products, services and customer experience. Disruptive technology can be an enabler of innovation, but it must be embedded in a viable business model to deliver success. That’s why leadership must develop a clear strategy for catalyzing creativity and innovation while at the same time protecting core businesses. Big Think's Innovation Strategy for Leadership course is designed to fuel growth at your company through structured discussions around visioneering, customer service, change management, smart risk-taking and resilience.