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Authentic Learning and Why You Can’t Choreograph Success

Motivation works in some complex ways. There are reward systems, giving a person something they really want after completing a task. There’s reinforcement, punishing bad behavior and buttressing good behavior. These are ways to manufacture motivation, but sometimes it’s just not there. This is where the importance of having a growth mindset comes into play. 

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How to Master Simplicity in Design, Business and Life

Ken Segall, the former creative director of advertising at Apple, Inc., says that “there is no such thing as simplicity; there is only the perception of simplicity.” In this video, he discusses how simplicity is more than a simple product or design — particularly at a company like Apple, where he worked with Steve Jobs

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The Tyranny of Positivity: A Harvard Psychologist Details Our Unhealthy Obsession With Happiness

Harvard psychologist Susan David says she worries about the message that society promotes about focusing on happiness — that it may inadvertently result in greater levels of unhappiness. Happiness has become an expectation. However, we cannot forget that there is no one state of being that a person is entitled to experience. After all, as she

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Innovation is Too Essential for Businesses to Be Precious About

True innovation and design thinking do not necessarily originate only with the sequestered brain trust of a “skunkworks” research & development style team. Instead, it is the productive combination of pure analytical thinking and pure intuitive thinking.

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Stuck in Neutral? Supercharge Your Innovation Thinking

Technology entrepreneur and CEO of X Prize Foundation, Peter Diamandis, believes that the sweet spot of true innovation is found in the sharing of “crazy ideas.” While a company or a creative individual can find success in stability, leaps of innovation and rapid experimentation are required to truly make an impact.

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Motivation Escapes Us When We Don’t Understand Its Machinery

Motivation is a mysterious mechanism that varies from person to person. Duke University professor and behavioral economist Dan Ariely says that there’s a dissonance between what we think motivates people and what actually does — the difference between short-term and long-term happiness.

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Procrastinating? Use These Jedi Mind Tricks to Meet Your Goals

Entrepreneur, investor and podcast king Tim Ferriss addresses an issue that everyone faces: procrastination. Ferriss shares some of the insights he gleaned from interviews with world-class performers and leaders for his podcast show as well as his latest book, Tools of Titans. What made each of these individuals successful? What are the attitudes, techniques, and

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Top Entrepreneurs Don’t Just Engineer Success – They Reverse Engineer It

Amid all of the powerhouse, brilliant minds that author and investor Tim Ferriss has interviewed for his podcast and new book, “Tools of Titans,” one idea kept springing up: creating empty space and cultivating it as a way of life. It’s about setting aside a few hours of time each week to strictly dedicate to

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Want to Increase Motivation? Step 1: Stop Crushing Spirits

While it might seem obvious, some business leaders need the reminder that their employees are people with spirits and energy that need to be nurtured. However, according to Duke University psychologist and economist Dan Ariely, when it comes to increasing motivation, people in positions of authority instead tend to crush their employees’ spirits.

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The Best Motivation Tips for Managers and Employees, with Dan Ariely

The biggest killer of motivation in many organizations is that managers don’t always recognize the true value of good will and social utility. Psychologist and Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely says that being able to achieve a big-picture perspective comes from setting and achieving long-term goals, as well as creating an environment that encourages collaboration, care,

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