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Getting Used to Having More By Owning Less

 Any music lover who subscribes to a streaming-music service such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, or the like has entered into a bargain that represents a profound shift in the way we consume. Each song remains in the possession of the service as we listen to it, and we forfeit any claim of ownership. In

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How to Master Simplicity in Design, Business and Life

Ken Segall, the former creative director of advertising at Apple, Inc., says that “there is no such thing as simplicity; there is only the perception of simplicity.” In this video, he discusses how simplicity is more than a simple product or design — particularly at a company like Apple, where he worked with Steve Jobs

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2 Design Thinking Examples to Follow for Better Business Outcomes

Many businesses could benefit from applying the principles of design thinking to their work. However, too many businesses focus on the wrong things when they use design thinking, which can actually keep them from realizing the innovation benefits of the whole process.

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Why Leveraging Design Thinking in Business is the Key to Success

Design thinking, or applying the principles of creative design and reasoning to business challenges in a way that focuses on the needs of people, is gaining momentum as the new standard operating procedure for companies across the globe. Educational institutions are starting to offer special design thinking courses to students as the demand for design thinking-cognizant

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