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Got retention issues? Try this refreshingly modern (and honest) job contract.

You know it. Your employees know it. They’re likely to stay with your company only for just a short while. Two years, four years, seven years max. Yet you both feel compelled to pretend otherwise, as if you’re committed to each other for life. It’s a relationship with a little secret, and it serves neither

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It Takes Courage to Go From Very Good to Great

 Eric Weinstein, Managing Director of Thiel Capital, doesn’t see the journey from excellent to extraordinary as being a continuum, exactly. You don’t get better and better and better and then suddenly — pop! — you’ve become outstanding, a prime mover in your field. There’s a chasm between the two states, and a dangerous leap to

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Re-engage Employees with Neuroscience

 Organizational behavior expert Dan Cable says disengagement at work is the product of an evolutionary trait. It’s a trait that has a lot to do with our survival and what it is that makes us human. In his Big Think Edge video, “Helping Your People Love What They Do: Improve Performance by Engaging the Biological

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Super-Simple, Super-Powerful ‘Little Bigs’

 Lisa Bodell, author and CEO of FutureThink, is an expert at fostering innovation. She’s an advocate of something she calls “Little Bigs,” and they’re pretty brilliant. They’re simple, easy to implement, and can produce big changes in a company’s creative environment. In her video for Big Think Edge, “Make Room for Innovation: ‘Little Bigs,’” she

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Leading Outside Your Comfort Zone

 When people mention the Golden Rule, they’re usually referring to its broad meaning: “I’m going to be as good to you as I want you to be to me.” However, Jane Hyun of Hyun & Associates and co-author of “Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences,” talks about the Golden Rule in a communication

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Help Team Members Challenge Themselves

 Jane McGonigal is a game designer whose SuperBetter app teaches you to “live gamefully.” Coming from a gaming background, she knows all about how exhilarating it is to take on an intriguing challenge and then win — after all, that’s what a player does at every new game level. In her Big Think Edge video “Create Ownership: Help

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Fearful Employees Can’t Help But Sabotage a Company

 Few people come to work with the intention of doing damage to their company — in fact, quite the opposite. And yet, in a culture where an employee doesn’t feel safe, disengagement is likely to set in, and the employee starts to produce substandard work that has the effect of sabotaging the company. Ethnographer and

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Connect. The Next Thing Will Wait.

 A one-on-one conversation is a valuable opportunity to connect with someone and to benefit from what they have to say. Unfortunately, these chats tend to happen in the middle of a busy day when there are countless other things shouting for our attention. We find ourselves becoming frustratingly — maybe even insultingly — unfocused. When

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Authentic Learning and Why You Can’t Choreograph Success

Motivation works in some complex ways. There are reward systems, giving a person something they really want after completing a task. There’s reinforcement, punishing bad behavior and buttressing good behavior. These are ways to manufacture motivation, but sometimes it’s just not there. This is where the importance of having a growth mindset comes into play. 

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How a Participatory Culture Affects Your Bottom Line

As organizations become increasingly digital and include remote teams or people working a few hours — or even time zones — away from the office, it can be challenging to create a collaborative environment in which people can actively participate.

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