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Big Think’s CEO on how Big Think got built

 Building Big Think from little more than an idea to 30 million monthly visitors, co-founder Victoria Rachel Montgomery-Brown knows something about being an entrepreneur. Her idea, together with co-founder Peter Hopkins, was that online video could have a tremendous educational impact as a platform from which experts could share their knowledge. In this interview from

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It Takes Courage to Go From Very Good to Great

 Eric Weinstein, Managing Director of Thiel Capital, doesn’t see the journey from excellent to extraordinary as being a continuum, exactly. You don’t get better and better and better and then suddenly — pop! — you’ve become outstanding, a prime mover in your field. There’s a chasm between the two states, and a dangerous leap to

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Stuck in Neutral? Supercharge Your Innovation Thinking

Technology entrepreneur and CEO of X Prize Foundation, Peter Diamandis, believes that the sweet spot of true innovation is found in the sharing of “crazy ideas.” While a company or a creative individual can find success in stability, leaps of innovation and rapid experimentation are required to truly make an impact.

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Motivation Escapes Us When We Don’t Understand Its Machinery

Motivation is a mysterious mechanism that varies from person to person. Duke University professor and behavioral economist Dan Ariely says that there’s a dissonance between what we think motivates people and what actually does — the difference between short-term and long-term happiness.

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Top Entrepreneurs Don’t Just Engineer Success – They Reverse Engineer It

Amid all of the powerhouse, brilliant minds that author and investor Tim Ferriss has interviewed for his podcast and new book, “Tools of Titans,” one idea kept springing up: creating empty space and cultivating it as a way of life. It’s about setting aside a few hours of time each week to strictly dedicate to

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Want to Succeed? Fail Until You Find Your Passion

In this video, Sarah Robb O’Hagan discusses some of the experiences and revelations that she had while working on her book, Extreme You. Among the most impactful realizations is how many of the most amazingly successful people who, having achieved the “pinnacle” of a field (such as getting an Olympic gold medal), are never truly satisfied.

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