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How LinkedIn uses personalized learning to boost company IQ

 As Chief Learning Officer at Degreed and former Chief Learning Officer at LinkedIn, Kelly Palmer has thought a lot about architecting effective learning environments for employees seeking to grow their skills and careers while they’re at work. In two Lessons Learned from LinkedIn videos for Big Think Edge, “How to Create an Amazing Learning Environment

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Re-engage Employees with Neuroscience

 Organizational behavior expert Dan Cable says disengagement at work is the product of an evolutionary trait. It’s a trait that has a lot to do with our survival and what it is that makes us human. In his Big Think Edge video, “Helping Your People Love What They Do: Improve Performance by Engaging the Biological

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Fearful Employees Can’t Help But Sabotage a Company

 Few people come to work with the intention of doing damage to their company — in fact, quite the opposite. And yet, in a culture where an employee doesn’t feel safe, disengagement is likely to set in, and the employee starts to produce substandard work that has the effect of sabotaging the company. Ethnographer and

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5 Things to Learn about Personal Growth (and How to Achieve Your Own)

For any business or organization, it’s essential to an organization’s success to create an environment that encourages personal growth and having a growth mindset. In a Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck describes people with a growth mindset as those who believe “their talents can be developed (through hard work, good

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How Do You Apply Social Learning Theory in the Workplace?

The use of informal learning programs is on the rise in organizations around the world. A report on informal learning by Degreed states that reliance on formal learning methods — traditional curriculum-based education — is declining in favor of informal learning methods, such as social learning, mentorships, and online learning. A significant attribute of these

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Improving Your Hiring Process to Feed Your Leadership Pipeline

The New York Post reports that CEO turnover is the highest it has been in eight years. However, according to the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), executive churn is a pattern that has been reaching record levels for a while: “Eight out of 10 major companies worldwide changed their top leader at least once during

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Top 5 Advantages of On-Demand Video Training

Professional learning programs are important to any business or organization because they help to enhance your existing workforce by instilling new knowledge and skills. When it comes to creating learning programs for your business or organization, there are many things to consider, including

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Procrastinating? Use These Jedi Mind Tricks to Meet Your Goals

Entrepreneur, investor and podcast king Tim Ferriss addresses an issue that everyone faces: procrastination. Ferriss shares some of the insights he gleaned from interviews with world-class performers and leaders for his podcast show as well as his latest book, Tools of Titans. What made each of these individuals successful? What are the attitudes, techniques, and

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How to Provide an Engaging Learning Program around Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & inclusion (D&I) ranks among some of the top areas of importance for organizations in the United States. While it is a popular buzzword, it’s also an integral part of any effective business strategy because it serves as a driver for innovation.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Developing a Professional Learning Program

Having a strong professional learning program is a growing area of importance in organizations around the country. In a LinkedIn survey of more than 500 North American learning and development leaders, 27% said their organizations dedicated more funding to establishing or supporting learning programs within their organizations in 2017.

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