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Richard Dawkins: Make smarter decisions by thinking like a scientist

 “There is a kind of whispering campaign — more than a whispering campaign, sometimes a yelling campaign — against the value of objective truth.” So says biologist and author Richard Dawkins. His latest book, Science in the Soul, seeks to fight back against the fallacy that all opinions are equally valid, even those for which

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Big Think’s CEO on how Big Think got built

 Building Big Think from little more than an idea to 30 million monthly visitors, co-founder Victoria Rachel Montgomery-Brown knows something about being an entrepreneur. Her idea, together with co-founder Peter Hopkins, was that online video could have a tremendous educational impact as a platform from which experts could share their knowledge. In this interview from

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Face-planting your way to success

 Todd Yellin, VP of Product Innovation at Netflix, doesn’t suggest that you should try to fail as much as you can. But he does say failures are an inevitable part of innovating and that — if you do them right — you can derive great information from them. Especially “good failures.” In his Big Think

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When the Team Wins with Shane Battier

In a company, there are the star performers whose achievements rightfully earn a lion’s share of the attention. Equally as often, though, there are others outside the spotlight whose commitment and talent quietly make the star’s success possible. They’re rarely compensated at the same level, and can easily be overlooked by management, but these people

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The Tyranny of Positivity: A Harvard Psychologist Details Our Unhealthy Obsession With Happiness

Harvard psychologist Susan David says she worries about the message that society promotes about focusing on happiness — that it may inadvertently result in greater levels of unhappiness. Happiness has become an expectation. However, we cannot forget that there is no one state of being that a person is entitled to experience. After all, as she

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How to Integrate Mindful Business Practices in the Workplace

Mindfulness at work has been picking up traction in western businesses and organizations in recent years. Major companies like Google, General Mills, Apple, Intel, and Nike are embracing mindfulness in the workplace to improve productivity and employee well-being. According to statistics cited by Inc, service providers for this form of alternative care are part of

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A Key Distinguisher Between Average & Outstanding Employee Performance

What is it that separates an average-performing employee from a truly exceptional employee? While there are many things that can set one employee apart from the rest in terms of employee performance, one thing that psychologist and author Daniel Goleman says separates the average employees from the extraordinary employees is their emotional intelligence, or EQ.

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