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Digital Learning Solutions

At Big Think Edge, we don’t believe in “one size fits all” learning programs. Instead, we believe the best learning comes from the dialogue that’s created when people are inspired by practical examples of passion, curiosity, and a sense of possibility, from real-world experts who have “walked the walk.”

Catalyzing these conversations is where Big Think Edge excels.

Enabling Engaging & Personalized Learning on an Enterprise Scale


Previously, providing learning on an enterprise scale meant deploying cookie-cutter courses that repeated the same information for everyone. In many cases, these courses would be bland and unengaging for learners. This, in turn, caused disengagement, leading to less than satisfactory application of the learning.


Big Think Edge revitalizes professional learning by using short-form online videos featuring renowned experts. From top practitioners like Elon Musk to accomplished athletes, like Shane Battier, who translate their success into the professional world, and actors who teach the skills they've learned about communication and fear, like Ed Norton, our experts share their real-life stories to engage learners. The focus on action over theory makes the lessons more applicable to learners’ everyday workplace challenges, helping to improve retention of information and the usefulness of the lessons. 

How Big Think Edge compares to standard e-Learning and MOOCs

Not only do learners watch Edge videos to completion, they engage with the lessons because they feel inspired by both the experts and lessons. For example, an employee in one company that use Big Think Edge programs stated:

“I absolutely think these tools will help to foster a better experience within myself and for my team. Knowing that several others from my organization are involved reassures me that collectively we can help drive the improvements learned here throughout the organization.”

Compare this to results in typical e-learning and MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) programs. The videos in these programs lose about 50% of their viewers shortly after the video begins. Even when these “standard” e-learning programs use “bite-sized” videos, only the optics improve, not the engagement.

This difference in impact can be seen in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of learners after engaging with Big Think Edge content (below). The average NPS, or the likelihood that the learner would recommend the content to a friend or colleague, for most learning programs is at -31 points out of a possible 100. Big Think Edge programs routinely average between 70 and 90 points on the same scale.

Net Promoter Score

Beyond having experts that your employees are excited to learn from, the success of our programs is also due to the customizability of Edge’s online learning. 

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Working with You to Improve Employee Development

Big Think Edge has a dedicated team that works with you to you improve your employee development program — if you need great video content, or if you need help creating courses that are optimized to your employees’ needs.

Providing Great Video Content

Providing Great Video Content

Each bite-sized video lesson is designed to demonstrate significance, relevance, and actionability around the concepts under study. Additional learning supports around video lessons include:

  • Learner Guides to promote self-reflection, pre- and post- viewing
  • Discussion Guides to promote peer-to-peer discussion within or across professional levels at the organization; these levels include Individual Contributors, Team Managers and Senior Leaders
Building Better Learning Programs

Building Better Learning Programs

In our standard or custom courses, we integrate activities into the learning experience at regular intervals. They are designed to help learners put the concepts under study into practice in their personal and professional lives. These can take four forms:

  • Informal pre- and post- self-evaluations
  • Private, structured spaces for self-reflections
  • Guided peer-to-peer discussions by professional level
  • Missions, or step-by-step processes by which the learner applies the concepts under study with his or her colleagues

Benefits of Big Think Edge Programs

Big Think Edge offers scalable learning solutions for organizations of all sizes with:


Unlimited Users

Every video or program has unlimited virtual seats so everyone at your organization can access the learning resources they need.

Co-Branded Portal and/or LMS Integration

Edge can help to ensure a near-seamless learning experience for your employees by creating a co-branded learning portal or by integrating with the LMS you already use.

Curated Content

Big Think curates program content and maps it to your organization’s learning objectives for ease of use.

Newsletter Feed

Support your self-directed learning initiatives with a custom newsletter or promotional campaign.

Data Reporting

Keep track of employee development and learning initiative progress with custom engagement reports.

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