Frequently Asked Questions
How do you select your experts?2019-07-09T00:06:40-04:00

Our editorial team selects experts across all fields and disciplines that are either at the top of their field or disrupting it. Our vast network of experts include CEOs, NBA players, authors, psychologists, and many more.

Can I integrate Big Think content with my LMS?2019-07-09T00:17:37-04:00

Yes. We can provide access to our content on any LMS via SCORM or alternative formats (e.g. AICC, xAPI).

How do I customize Big Think Edge to fit my learning culture?2019-07-09T00:18:30-04:00

We have a team of instructional designers that work with you to map content to your objectives, curate new learning experiences and feature your best people and knowledge alongside Big Think experts. Learner guides and team activities can be customized to fit your initiatives.

Approximately how long is each video lesson?2019-07-09T00:20:08-04:00

Our video lessons range from 3-10 minutes.

What are the best ways to deploy your video lessons?2021-03-26T11:39:50-04:00

Big Think Edge content is used in a number of ways across our clients and can be featured across a range of formal and informal communication channels. Our lessons are often offered to the entire organization through an LMS, and more specifically included in leadership development and HIPO programs, used in executive workshops, or used to drive strategic plans or change and transformation initiatives forward.

What are the technical requirements?2019-07-09T00:22:08-04:00

Big Think Edge works with Internet Explorer 7 and higher, all version of Safari, Chrome and Firefox, as well as all mobile-browsers and devices.

Do you offer translation?2019-07-09T00:22:38-04:00

Yes! We offer video and course translation for a fee. Since our materials are short and to the point, translation fees are very competitive.

Can you film our leaders?2019-07-09T00:23:11-04:00

Absolutely. We build thought leadership learning programs featuring Big Think experts alongside client experts (not just executives!) to scale access to the best, most actionable knowledge from both inside and outside each organization.