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Ada County Clerk's Office


The Ada County Clerk's Office was looking for a way to instill a culture of learning and development in their department; specifically for 25 of their managers. The biggest challenge? Finding content that engaged every participant and fit into their busy schedule.

Why Big Think?

"It's a high-quality way to share new ideas with your team. The learning is packaged in a way that is quick and easy even for the busy professional. It also allows anyone to do it on their own time, which has proven a big thing for the people in our office. It's been a great tool for all of us."


Starting late April of 2016, all 25 managers started the Personal Productivity course, meeting weekly in small groups to discuss their learning experience from the previous week. In addition to completing the 5-week Personal Productivity course as a group, the average user has driven their own development by watching an additional 15 video lessons in their own time.

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Request a Demo:

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“Learning at VMware is no longer confined to classrooms. It happens anywhere, anytime and all the time. Together with other offerings, the Big Think platform has helped us create a way to look at and offer learning differently. This is helping us remain agile and responsive to the needs of our business and the dynamic marketplace."

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"We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to promote learning in our office. Big Think packages great ideas in a format that is entertaining and easy for busy people to consume. It's worked great to get everyone in our office learning."

Phil McGrane, JD, MPA
Chief Deputy
Ada County Clerk’s Office

"We partnered with Big Think Edge after a great deal of research because we feel that they provide a quality online experience with instructional design support, making this a great value for us."

Ken Gray
Senior Director and Global Talent Management and Development
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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