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Diversity & Inclusion Course

Course Overview

Big Think’s Diversity curriculum teaches leaders and managers how to include and support all individuals — for their uniqueness as well as their technical skills and abilities — in meaningful, sustainable ways.

"Diversity and inclusion is not an HR strategy; it is a business strategy… research shows that teams that operate in an inclusive culture outperform their peers by a staggering 80 percent.” - Josh Bersin, Becoming irresistible: A new model for employee engagement

Core Features:

  • Video lessons designed to demonstrate significance, relevance, and actionability around the concepts under study
  • Private, structured self-reflection questions
  • Missions (step-by-step processes by which the learner applies the concepts under study with his or her colleagues)
  • Guided peer-to-peer discussions by professional level
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Case Study Modules:

Talk the Talk: Understanding Diversity & Inclusion: Diversity & Inclusion has become a buzzword for Corporate America, but what does the field really stand for? For D&I programming to gain traction, everyone at your organization needs to become fluent in the language, meaning, and intention of D&I. In this module, get to know the goals of the field, why it’s critical to your organization’s success, and what you can do to help the people you lead embrace D&I principles.

Walk the Talk: From Tolerance to Acceptance: Inclusion is a learned behavior that begins with awareness and becomes second nature through practice. In this module, learn how to measure the success of your inclusion strategies and how to tackle specific crises that may arise in your journey through the diversity life cycle.

Teach and Learn Together: The varied backgrounds and attributes of learners have an enormous impact on their engagement with their learning community and their educational and social outcomes. In this module, explore strategies for negotiating these differences to promote a more dynamic, productive learning culture.

Employee Resource Group Breakouts: Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are groups of employees who join together based on shared characteristics or life experiences to support one another in achieving personal career and company-wide goals. In this module, choose the content track or tracks that you find most useful.

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