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Personal Productivity Course

Course Overview

This course is designed to guide your team through the process of setting goals and monitoring progress each week. The course is comprised of 5 progressive modules that contain video lessons, develop your team missions, reflection assessments, and group discussions.


Core Features:

  • Explore and practice new tools and systems for improving your productivity
  • Identify one key area for improvement and set one productivity goal in that area
  • Monitor your progress toward meeting your goal over the five weeks of the course
  • Apply productivity principles to short-term projects and long-term career planning
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Case Study Modules:

Set Goals: Set goals, track incremental progress, and minimize distractions.

Form Habits: Identify your habit profile, form new habits, and keep bad habits at bay.

Manage Attention: Identify psychological and environmental forces that sabotage your focus.

Find Your Flow: Identify, trigger and harness states of extreme motivation.

Think Long-Term: Achieve your ambitions. Apply productivity principles to your career.

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