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VMware is known for providing unprecedented digital transformation, freedom and flexibility for their customers. Internally, they wanted to translate that same digital expertise to their learning programs for their global managers.

To introduce this new way of learning, VMware partnered with Big Think to create an agile learning program that would feature dynamic resources aimed to address the learning interests and challenges faced by their managers.

Why Big Think?

Given the number and location of managers coupled with a desire for customized content, VMware sought a quick-to-scale tool that was truly engaging. They decided to partner with Big Think to introduce a new, modern learning program to their managers.

VMware chose Big Think because of the quality of the video content, speed of scalability, and flexibility and customization of the platform.


Big Think Edge reached 1,000 VMware managers in just one quarter, whereas previous trainings took 1 to 3 years to obtain the same reach. Almost half of all comments and discussion in the platform illustrated direct application of the key takeaways from each course. Additionally, initial rollout to managers at VMware was so successful, actionable, and well-received that additional levels across the company have requested access to the platform.


“There are so many great ideas and useful tips in this training. I love that it is practical and implementable. It is really well done. I mean it when I say it is the best I have ever seen.”

“Taking the time to reflect and consider the team structure has helped clarify where we are and how best to improve. Our customers feedback is critical for a technical support team. Without that feedback loop, the team would fail in every way.”

“This module just takes me to my aha moment! I was struggling with how to make [my reports] feel considered. Now, I have cues to identify how they think, what they expect to be considered when we interact, and what call to action I am going to take.”

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Ken Gray
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"VMware is known for its ground-breaking innovation in the marketplace. The fact also holds true for how we operate internally. Learning at VMware is no longer confined to classrooms. It happens anywhere, anytime and all the time."

Deepshikha Mahajan
Senior Manager, Global People Development

"Ada County Clerk's Office was looking for a way to instill a culture of learning and development in their department, specifically for 25 of their managers. The biggest challenge? Finding content that engaged every participant and fit into their busy schedule."

Phil McGrane, JD, MPA
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